Elecam 360 Software


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These Apps are used to manage the Elecam 360 features such as WiFi, White Balance Settings, Photo Mode, Video mode and more.

Item Description Source
Android App EleCam 360 APP Goolge Play Store
iPhone App EleCam 360 App Apple Store

Some Items To Know

WiFi connection:

One device connection supported. Range is limited due to a low power device.

Feature Like To See:

Routing to internet while connected. This would be like the software SANDISK uses on their connect stick use. Should be possible if ROM has room for code. Basically this would allow the camera to be connected to your device and still access the internet. This would also allow for upload to youtube while camera connected.


The application camera view is spherical and does not remove fisheye effect while viewing realtime or raw files. This could be reduced if they would allow more of a zoom-in with the app to reduce the fisheye effect. It is somewhat lesser with IOS table size vs android smartphone. However, the fisheye effect is there when looking up and down away from the default horizontal position. This is can be manage by better realtime spherical smoothing by making it a more Equirectangular and a true 360x360 not 360x180.

Feature Like To See:

Because this is a 360x360 and not 360x180, it would be nice if the App software would treat the raw image in that way. Currently when viewing on App you are getting a 360x180 VR view with a fisheye effect when rotating out of the 180 plane of view.

It would be nice to have a 360x180 feature mode, allowing one to use the camera as a single Lens camera. This would also make it more compatible to some current stitching software.