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Ninja Warrior 360

Short Films 360 Productions

While testing the 360 VR camera, we decided to produce another little short film 360. There are several ways to view this, we have currently posted the youtube version. Will will be adding the alternate views.

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Next Ninja Warrior - SF360VR Parody

We are excited to bring you more 360 short films, "Next Ninja Warrior 360" released Aug 2016.


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Short Films 360 Production In Association with wmixstudios.com SF360VR
Short Films 360:
Next Ninja Warrior Parody SF360VR Series
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Course in 360 Virtual Reality with Kacy Catanzaro Team Ninja Warrior ANW
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Tip: Use the keyboard arrows if the mouse is not working in your browser.(desktop)

Things to Know Something to try
If your default browser does not work. Try Using a different browser like google chrome or dolphin.
The Google Cardboard feature is not available or working. Google cardboard requires you to be in landscape mode on your mobile device.

Not all browsers support the embedded viewer we are using.

Try full screen alternate view option.
There is just a spinning cube. VR Viewer may take time to load. Best to be on LAN or High Speed Wifi.

Refresh your page or try the Youtube Version if available as an alternate viewer.
IOS browsers may not fully support VR features. IOS user may need to use full screen button on VR Viewer.

IOS user can use Youtube App to view VR effects.
Enable app link in Youtube App Settings
Why does only finger panning work? Smart Phone must have a gyro feature.
Why does the 360 Video Not Have Controls? The Current HTML app is very cross platform independent.

works best with Wifi(360 video).

Alt Youtube 360 via support browser LTE or Wifi

Current Version of Web Player does not have Player Controls.