360 Cameras

There are several cameras entering the world of 360 VR; the focus is on 360x360 spherical and some 360x180 spherical cameras.

Many 360 VR creators have been using 360 mounts for regular cameras to convert them into 360x180 or 360x360 spherical. Using stitching software to create the file format needed to be used with a 360 VR viewer.

360 camera mount for GoPro

360 camera mount for GoPro

It is amazing now that you can find a single camera that produces true 2:1 spherical 360 images and video for under $500.


Camera Lens Type Price
Elecam 360 by Elephone Dual 360x360 Spherical 169.99
360fly by 360fly Single 360x180 299.99
Galaxy S7 by Samsung Single 360x360 Spherical Image

360x180 image(panaroma)
as low as 99.00
360cam by Giroptic There ( 3 Lens) 360x180 499.99
Theta S by Ricoh Dual 360x360 349.95

Premier Showcase: Elecam 360 by Elephone

Elephone Forum or Elecam Forum


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