Cross Country with FSX

Flight Plan

It has been FIVE years since the last version released. It is amazing what Fans and Developers have done with a program that dates back almost as far back as Windows OS and the early Flight Simulator Programs of the time.

When I finally got tired of Windows I moved to the Dark Side (OS X) and haven’t looked back yet. Although I still use and program Windows tools, I enjoy the hidden beauty of OS X(Sorry Linux CLI lovers).

Since my Airframe has support to run Windows, I thought the MS Flight Simulator would be the only reason to test out bootcamp(ability to boot Mac to Windows).

Having dusted off my DVD Deluxe version of the FSX, I started to discover some of the great features and the graphics the puts Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight to shame.

As I started to get back into the virtual flight, I started to notice the out of box features and some of the add-on products. So here is were our cross country journey begins…let’s take a visual look at some of the artwork of this program that has been around for a long time and is still making gamers happy.

Thank you for flying in. Let’s take a trip together ..

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